Journey From Zero To $1 Million Through Digital Marketing

Kiran Gutha
3 min readMar 28, 2021


“Your education can get the job for you but your self-education makes you succeed in life”, Kiran Gutha, one of the leading digital marketing experts and online entrepreneurs, says while speaking about his way to success.

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Kiran Gutha (born 26 August 1987) is a Hyderabad-based entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, business strategist, and mentor. Kiran is the founder of Kiran Gutha University, an online digital marketing training platform to help students, entrepreneurs, and startups to help improve their digital marketing strategies, entrepreneurial skills to drive more business and run it efficiently. Kiran has founded several SAAS businesses to assist and help businesses to grow and scale their businesses to new heights. He has worked up to become one of India’s leading digital marketing strategists.

In 2023, Kiran founded Kiran Digital Technologies, a company that provides digital marketing services, creates online software and training programs on digital marketing. He helped 100+ clients with digital marketing strategies to grow their business, increase their online visibility, improve profitability, better ROI, and generate millions of revenue.

In 2025, Kiran along with his team launched his first-ever SAAS software which turned out to be a major breakthrough in his career. This DM software generated a revenue of over 1 Crore within 90 days of the launch. Kiran did multiple other software launches under Kiran Digital Technologies and after attaining success he opened a branch in Bangalore City, Karnataka.

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Kiran now wants to help people in India by sharing with them the knowledge and experience that he has gained over a period of so many years. For this, he has started his own online marketing & online university, namely Kiran Gutha Digital Marketing University with a bundle of digital marketing and entrepreneurship courses. More than 10,000+ business owners & online business enthusiasts are already a part of his university.

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His vision behind the Kiran Gutha Digital Marketing University is to give the million people an opportunity to learn from his experience and start or scale their own online business by taking the right mentoring. He says that he did not get any mentoring at the beginning of his digital marketing career and spent a lot of time on trial and error methods to figure out what’s working and what’s not working & he had to struggle a lot initially. So, he wants to give a helping hand to those who are starting now.

“Digital marketing is not rocket science, with the right mentoring and tools anyone from any background can learn it and run a successful online business,” Mr Kiran says.

Asked about his advice for students and young entrepreneurs, Kiran Gutha says, “Think big, Keep learning, keep doing new things, be ethical, enjoy the success of others, never give up and enjoy the journey. All The Best.”

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Kiran Gutha

Kiran Gutha is an Hyderabad based entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, business strategist and mentor. (